Finally! A new website!

5 December 2012

(Hi. our english sucks, so we are using Google Translate. We tought that would be funny, because Google Translate is always funny. ;) )

Welcome to our new website, which we are working on for several months to allow you to more easily navigate and find all the information you need to come and spend a memorable evening with us.


1) disco section is now separated from the section show.
If you want to learn more about the shows presented at Petit Campus or at Café Campus, you just take a glance. The “research” is super convenient!

2) A more interactive interface.
Visit our photo gallery and videos will be updated regularly.

3) This little blog…
… that was created to give you all the news about the Café Campus, you share links or just chat fun nightlife!
Yes, we are using “Google Translate” because we are too pockets to write in English for real.

We also invite you to follow us on Facebook to get all the news and information about our promotions in real time!

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