3 ways to avoid a “hangover”

7 December 2012

(Hi. our english sucks, so we are using Google Translate. We tought that would be funny, because Google Translate is always funny. ;) )

We will tell the real business: Nothing is worse than getting up after a night of celebration with a hangover and the intense desire to sleep all day. Personal whenever I say “PU NEVER” … and of course the good intentions quickly take the edge.

Yet it is not so difficult to avoid hangover effects, especially following these 3 tips that will save you many headaches:

1) Eat a good meal before you start drinking. Privilégiez foods high in fat, but avoid salty foods.

2) Drink water or juice between your alcoholic drinks and before returning home. Ask your bartender or barmaid, we have a small selection of sweet juice, or water bottles or flat mineralized.

3) If possible, stick to only one type of drink throughout the evening. Beer, wine or hard liquor? Try to make your choice before starting the party!

Do you have any tips to add to this list?

Pssst! These tips are inspired advice Passport Health.

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