Drink of the week : Lagon Bleu

9 January 2013

(Hi. our english sucks, so we are using Google Translate. We tought that would be funny, because Google Translate is always funny.)

Something new on the blog in 2013: A recipe drink / shooter week! Yay! Recipes that you can make at home if you want, but you can order at the bar especially during your next visit to the Café Campus. Tse, just to change.

We start? A little cocktail summer look to forget the cold and snow …

The Blue Lagoon

- 1 ounce of Vodka
- 1/2 oz Curacao
- Ice
- Lemonade

Price at Café Campus: $ 8

Normally served in a zombie glass (as above), but we’ll agree to say that the house we do not care a bit.

Have you tried the Blue Lagoon?

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